Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Dogs Cocktail

I let this pic taken outside Kyoto train station sum up our stay in Kyoto and also the pig flu scare.

Everywhere you went you'd find students in group, all clad in school gear and with masked faces.

Kyoto was lovely, I'd gladly go back, and I still think of our hotel room at Pension Station Kyoto fondly. In all its friendly floweriness it was the perfect setting for a music video or a horror flick with goldilocksy young women laughingly jumping up and down on the beds, wearing those kinds of long lacy white sleeping gowns that girls always wear when they get stabbed through the chest in 70's horror movies.

One of the many little shrines.

I have been told these creatures represent fertility. I'm not sure though.

If you feel lonely you can try this...

...or there is this, if you're of the more hands on, self reliant persuasion.

It seems you were right Karolina.

Uguisudani is the part of Tokyo where you find all the shops that sell to restaurants. Anyone can shop there, although sometimes you have to place an order and buy at least five of everything.

It proved to be a very bewildering and annoying place, a bit like Alice's wonderland.

It's fine as long as you're not hungry...

...but then you realize that all the food is artificial display food...

...and that all the alluring street menus are empty...

...and that there's nothing to eat in this restaurant orientated part of town. Finally we found a place that served the most appalling toast. You think you can't go wrong with toast? Guess again.

Lately I feel as though I've O.D:ed on photos and blogging ever so slightly. It's something I thought would never happen. Everywhere I turn there's a photo opp, something I usually have to look for or make in Sthlm, but in the last few days I've been reluctant to even point my camera and click. Sometimes it's nice to just look at stuff, without intent.

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