Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flexiliebling, let's go Flexi Tonight

Tonight is the night!

I know, it's a small bar and a Wednesday and a family affair as friends go but dear oh dear, what a difference to my last two days. I've been trying to burn a number of DVD:s for two days. ! Yes. Things like this don't make you feel very pro, do they.

At times I've been so sad, just wishing I could quit doing it or making someone else do it. But they were Very Important DVD:s for the Nordic tango documentary that had to leave the house as quickly as possible. And there is no one else. There is me.

So imagine my joy today - non stop music! Nothing but crappy great weird lovely synthy poppy tunes. I gotta make a play list and get my way around the Tractor equipment that Glenn has set up for me in the hallway - The Music Room.

I'm thinking T├Ârley, cerise nails, dinner at Snottys and then --- joy and nonsense and friends and love. I also have an idea of making me an origami diamond necklace, if there's time for it. With such a thing around your neck you can be dressed in a cheap black tisha and be none the worse for it.

I thought I'd share with you my latest side project. It started innocently and unexpectedly - as it always does - with the folding of an origami diamond and then developed into this slightly larger thing of completely covering a string of lights into paper and diamonds.

I love folding the paper diamonds, because before you go 3D you must create the outlines of a star on your piece of paper. What a beautiful process. Here is the recipe.

I'm thinking something to go over my desk together with the String shelf Glenn's re-painting for me. I'm slightly succumbed by white right now. I don't think that's ever happened to me before. I think it goes back to something very childish and unintellectual - yes, my childhood's winters again. I would love to swap the city greyness outside my window for a clear blue sky and the sharp glitter of snow, like tiny shards of diamond hurting your eyes.

So I'm turning my flat into a winter forest.

I hope your Wednesday will be great!
Think of me tonight, if you can, please.

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