Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Years Rave!

This is the pre-rave situation at Ella and Glenn's:

Festive, yes?

Our 30m2 New Years Rave with Ola Bergman doing a live and DJs as well is on. The idea turned overnight into a fact, when we realized there was a mini-rave demand.

Glenn and I spent yesterday moving furniture around to create a nice space for the artists as well as a miniscule dance floor and places to sit.

We also put up the string shelf (let's see, that took us, what... two months?) and tucked away the TV. TVlessness is so far definitely an improvement. Currently I'm listening to Cocteau Twins' record Garlands, and there's also been a lot of Plastician and Sigur Ros going on lately. Ear love.

Oh, and welcome to my office the kitchen!
Or in the words of Glenn: Office slash wine cellar:

I've had to move my tango gear into the kitchen over New Years so I can keep working during the preparations. It's more tiny than quaint. Our backgammon brunches have been moved to the sofa, so "all is well in Squarie world".

Pirjo from my tango documentary says on the computer screen:
"Tango and love, love's tango or love between human beings..."
Beautiful. She would know.

While contemplating the shelving opportunities, I found my childhood collection of... I don't know the word in English for bokmärken?

My childhood way of collecting them seems to have been a lot more thematic rather than esthetic.

They are shot through the dried up plastic sheets that encase the bokmärken, that's why they look so funny. I find the motifs chokingly old fashioned and would have serious doubt exposing my child to these.

Gingerbread, cheese and a small glass of red wine.
Let's make a spectacularly good movie, shall we?

PS. Next Saturday Glenn and I are back Flexi Popping at El Mundo.
On popular demand...

Love, love, love, Ella.

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