Saturday, January 2, 2010

The first day

The first day is a little magical I think.
I imagine your actions set the tone for the whole next year.

I know, like with everything magical that's a bit heavy and mind boggling. You have to keep it easy and pleasurable - if that is what's to your liking, that is.

We followed the tracks of last night's guests - 2010, a smiley and Miniland - and added our own clever drawings. A slow meal on an Indian restaurant with a friend, surrounded by warm reds and the cold draft. Disinfecting the flat - hello shiny bathroom! - and tucking ourselves in with a film. Slight arguments, making up, not falling asleep, holding each other as the night set in.

Tonight - Flexi Vier at El Mundo.
Oh yes. DJbonanza is how we play.



Daisy said...

Vad fint du skriver! Jag hoppas ditt 2010 blir snäppet bättre än du vågar hoppas.

Ella said...

Kanske att denna dag beskriver grundtonen och så kommer allt godis och grädde och galenskap ovanpå?

Det skulle vara ett fint år!