Monday, January 11, 2010


Yestersunday was museum day and we went to the National Museum and the East Asian Museum. The exhibitions didn't leave much of a mark on this hardened rock of a tiny beast (I loved the paintings of saints that had removed their red cowboy hats to indulge in some proper flogging though, they all had red cowboy hats, and halos as well which is a bit much, really), no, what came to matter so much more was the Mikado game, or Plockepinn, I found in the National Museum shop.

I love the design and its' simplicity. I haven't touched a Mikado since kindergarten, now it proved to be an excellent bar game that caused some stir among the other bar guests. It's also the only game where I have a chance of defeating Glenn who's born with the gift of game.

Now I'm thinking of perhaps getting one of these tricksters, should I dare to:

(The image links to its' original location.)

I must add I still have high hopes for the Lee Miller exhibition at MillesgÄrden and Shirin Neshat at Kulturhuset though. Let's find out!

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