Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm a buzy bee, editing film, trying to make decisions, and recently also an insomniac. Bad combo. I'm starting to get used to being constantly tired.

I miss dreaming.

The last dream I recall is a nightmare, where I was being chased by (Swedish TV-show host, actor and model) Pontus Gårdinger at a camping site, him clad in 80's matching prasselkläder, a jumpsuit made of a rustly non-shiny material, Pontus' consisting of matching yellow top and very short shorts.

It's his smile in particular, it frightens me.

Glenn and I had just been watching Glenn Killing (a very 90's Swedish humour show) for the first time for me, and as you might know, Pontus is one of the strange, semi nude, supposedly gay firemen - though they are so sexless, like... Barbie dolls! And he was very good at it.

Me and Glenn in bed.
Can you tell who is who?
It's a bad pic, but I do really like it.

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