Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to a binary solo - 100101

New Year's was divided in three stages:
The tiny cups, the arrival of the drag queen looking women and everyone suddenly starting to use porcelain and glasses instead of paper plates and plastic cups around 5 a.m. sometime.

We started off gently with dinner and Frustration. 12 o'clock on Gullmarsbron, the subway stopping and the fireworks seeping through the orange mist. A Flexiset and Ola Bergman live, I would book him right off were I still a club fixer. Then Towlie summing up the evening with proper base.

This the 12th night has been the best of Sunday Wednesdays. A slow morn when Glenn and I exhanged images for text and he made loops for our Colouroïd project while I caught up on my correspondance. We moved furniture listening to Martial Canterel (his awesome website seems to be no more) and I now have a work space by the window much better than before. Off to beloved Shanti and an Indian meal, finally ending up in an appropriately anonymous hotel bar. Mad Men, Glenn gently snoozing away and me by the cold of my window, remembering New Year's.

Three very differents
and one beginning

What's not to like?

PS5 100101 is no 37 in binary code.


alice said...

That looks like a fun new year's eve! Happy New Year : )

Ella said...

Happy Comencement!
As we greet in Swedish...