Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yes! We're so Swedish!

On this the National Day of Sweden I celebrate by reading the Färgfabriken exhibition Building Blocks magazine, an exhibition where children come up with ideas for houses and architect bureaus attempt to realize them.

(I blogged about this exhibition ever so slightly once before.)

Here are some ideas from Lili, Nina, Erykah, Miriam, Mustafa, Ketcho, Latavia and Jamal at Friars Primary in London:

Sweetie House: On top of the house there's a giant lookout cherry.

Big Globe House: The shape of the rooms are those of the continents. There is a cat called Broccoli and an Africa bed with an Egypt shaped pillow.

Balloon House: The windows blow bubbles.

Sing Out Mansion: "My dog is called Doodle doo, he's my slave and his fur collects information and finishes my homework."

Happy Sweden day to us all!

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