Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is a proper ghetto squirrel, completely fearless.
It just stared back at me as I took photos.

I think I suffer from photo gluttony. I have photos coming out of my ears. My camera lies exhausted on my desk, a charger attached to its side. It's not impressed.

Yesterday we met up with what I hope is our future editor. It was a very inspiring meeting, out in the countryside in an eco house. Lots of thoughts go through my head, there are so many possibilities but only one certainty: The film will get made. Somehow.

I like this tin jar so so much, it's yesterday's second hand find. It's just perfect. And bigger than it looks in the pic.

Now I'll go play Russian snow roulette: Men are pushing down lumps of snow off of my roof, I'll go stand in my yard and see if I get hit or not. Come on - give me your best shot/shovel!


Niklas said...

I think the second picture from the top means it's completely scared or reaching psychosis, whichever comes first.

Ella said...

Maybe it's a "chicken or the egg" situation?