Friday, February 5, 2010

With a vengeance

From Märsta and back... with a vengeance!

Blogger is killing me with its' slowitude today.
Is it Blogger or my connection that's the beast?

For the record I must add I'm still in love with the snow.
I realize I might be the only one here in Sthlm.
I helped an old lady home from the shop today. She had wicked make up, super red glossy lips and green eye liner. And white hair. A looker. My poor mum can't even leave the house. It's not right.

Today has been a most inspiring day, I had a business meeting this morning, you never know what leads to what, but meeting up with inspiring, professional people is such a hoot. I was happy sweaty afterward and that's a proper happy feeling.

I forced myself to ta mitt pick och pack and go shopping for clothes afterward. I'd had that in my schedule for a week, Friday, go shopping. I don't like it much, trying things on and prancing about in boutiques, but I think I did well. A spring coat, a 20's style glitzy sweater, two skirts and a handbag shaped like a blue silky shell, with a gold shell locket. Most of it was second hand.

The coat needs alterations, I'll take it to my mother the seamstress that don't like sewing any more. In my mind I can hear her sigh already and make out her concentrated frown. We've already had two nervous phone conversations about the collar. (She's nervous, not I.)

That's what you get for making babies.
It's short and sweet and then there's trouble.

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