Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Monday

So I thought, to mix up the pictures of grey and snow and an occasional bar, how about I show you my latest vintage finds?

A beautiful cross stitch picture, one of the best I've seen when it comes to colour choise and motif. A magnetic backgammon, boy we've been in need of one for some time. The Berlin TV tower is vintage too, but a find from last summer. In the pic is also my father's sailor radio, it's seen the world and all seven oceans but will only tell of news, sports and current events. In the back is also my sister's 60's sleeping bag.

We're working on our vintage games collection. The All Electro one is quite boring, but a beaut, Hockey Sakmat I quite look forward to playing. What do you get when you combine chess and hockey? All I know is a dice is involved. Oh you crazy Checks. Cake on top of cake don't always lead to good. Didn't your mother's tell you that? If it did we'd all be eating our ice cream in a puddle of beer. See?

This postcard my grand father actually mailed me from Spain when I was little. I might frame it one day, in a deep frame so her skirt can take flight and not be pressed against the glass. Lovely girl.

Monday morning... I sit by my open window, with a chill in my heart and a coffee by my side. My internet is as fickle as ever, I fight for every sneak peak of The Great Www.

This weekend was a good one too. How about some shards and excerpts?
Our one year night with friends and love and laughter
Coffee with the tourists at sky bar Och himlen därtill, oh the view of Sthlm as it blånar
Fried cheese at Soldaten Svejk
Bandit Queen, what a smack in the face
Drinks with friends
Sharp glittery snow and sunshine
Sneaking into a shut down factory for photos
Roaming the second hands
Going to my mother's, she's ill and can barely walk

If someone gave you 30€ for tickets for a long weekend for two, where would you go?

I'll tell you if you tell me.
Oh. I'll tell you anyway.

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