Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The EllaSkerries Retrospective

Let's see, in December 2008 I started keeping blog...

December 2008: Boarded up dreams of summer
About an allotment area that I was very fascinated by when I grew up.

January 2009: Lighting the maze
Pics from the shooting of a short film at Skogskyrkogården where I worked as director's assistant and assistant script writer.

February 2009: Nature and civilisation
Tree shadows at the very 40s:y island Stora Essingen.

March 2009: A brittle, transparent crystalline solid
About a ship wreck frozen into the ice.

April 2009: Tattoo
In loving memory of my dad, the sailor.

May 2009: Ashiya - Shin-Osaka - Kyoto
May 2009: Sight and sound
Most of May I spent in Japan. Here are a two of my favourite posts and some pics to go. It seems a very photogenic country.

June 2009: Every day is Glenn day...
Glenn's birthday. A beautiful day for a most beautiful boy.

July 2009: von Minigolf
Sucking at mini golf together with Glenn.

July 2009: SeinäjoElla 04: The Ghosthouse
Karolina and I exploring a half burnt down ghost house in Turku.

July 2009: Signs of...
The best ever holiday spent in Berlin. Oh, the lovingness.

August 2009: Into these dark woods
Going to Karelia for the first time in my life to explore my heritage.

September 2009: Hasta la vista Kitty
Nighttime revelling in Hello Kitty's arsenal.

October 2009: The Lyre
Taking walks and having fika in the beautiful October sun.

November 2009: Flexiwave mit Ella und Glenn
Me and Glenn starting DJing together. Oh the fun!

December 2009: Wealth
My paper diamond fascination intensifying!

December 2009: * * * * * * * * * * * S * N * O * W * * * * * * * * * * *
I have no other word for it.

My 2009 - New Year's to New Year's:

Arrival of Glenn - showing up at New Years and then moving into my house! I hadn't seen him since 2005 when I booked his first live for our club Startling!

Painting my hallway golden (I might be getting a little tired of that...)

Studying film music at Stockholm University and graphic design for print at Södertörn University College

Long glittery winter walks

Karolina getting her first own flat

Going to London with Glenn over the weekend for a gig of his
Our first trip together, my birthday and a friend of his dying

Finally getting my first tattoo - the anchor

Getting funding to go to Japan with Jessica for a film project

Long summer walks, Sthlm being at its' very best, all lush and sunny

Going to Seinäjoki (work), Berlin (pleasure) and Karelia (family)

Longing for Berlin paired with an autumn increase in creativity

Glenn and I starting DJing and making music together: Colouroïd

The birth of Jessica's and Kalle's daughter - Ellis

Intensifying the work with our Nordic tango documentary

Making big plans for the future and longing to become more crafty and less computery, both in film, illustration and other creative biz, longing to discover new techniques and realizing so many more of my oh so many ideas

30 m2 New Year's Rave


Daisy said...

Mycket fina bilder och kul läsning. Det låter fint att ha ett dj-projekt ihop med sin partner. Att dj:a är en hemlig dröm jag när...

Ella said...

Det är jätteroligt att DJa. Speciellt när man är två, tycker jag.

Det är fint att köra tre var, då kan man bygga upp nåt och lämna den andre med en utmaning!

Speciellt roligt är det när man är omgiven av sina vänner.